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Puppy Love


[著者] Dick King-Smith 著、Anita Jeram イラスト

[出版社] : Scholastic / ペーパーバック、 32ページ

[対象年齢] 2 - 6才

[概要] Roly, poly, pudgy bellies. Little wagging tails. Puppies Funny, bumbling puppies are among life's most wonderful friends. Dick King-Smith, who introduced young readers to the delights of pigs in All Pigs Are Beautiful, and to the joys of guinea pigs in I Love Guinea Pigs, now praises the pleasures of puppies in Puppy Love. With darling drawings by Anita Jeram, the award-winning illustrator of Guess How Much I Love You, Puppy Love is as irresistible and full of fun as puppies themselves.


[サイズ] 27 x 23.5cm