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The Lonely Scarecrow


[著者] Tim Preston (著), Caroline Repchuk (著), Maggie Kneen (イラスト)

[出版社] Scholastic / ペーパーバック

[対象年齢] 4 - 8才

[概要] In this ornately embossed gift book, a group of animals learns the true meaning of friendship and acceptance

When winter descends upon the cornfield, the first snowfall brings about an amazing transformation: a lonely scarecrow, ignored and feared by everyone because of his flapping coat and jagged metal mouth, is covered by a thick blanket of snow. Before long, he is transformed into a jolly snowman and is welcomed for the first time into the animals' games. But what will the scarecrow's newfound friends think when the snow melts and he returns--jagged teeth and all?

Lavish embossing on every page gently illuminates the turning of the seasons--from coppery autumn foliage to sparkling snowscapes. Readers will be enchanted by the fondly rendered creatures, which include bright-eyed birds and field mice, a family of furry rabbits, and a wise old owl, as well as the poetic text printed in elegant calligraphy. This ornate gift book is a treat for nature lovers of all ages.