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[FOXY] 3冊セット


【定価】 2,5000円

[著者] Colin and Jacqui Hawkins (著, イラスト)

[出版社] Collins(ペーパーバック: 30ページ)

[対象年齢] 3 - 5才


1. Foxy and His Naughty Little Sister

Little sisters can be a pain as Foxy knows only too well. But he is soon to find out that their friends can be even worse...

This full-length Foxy storybook features Foxy, his naughty little sister and her even naughtier friend.

2. Foxy Bakes Some Cakes

Foxy and his little sister are keen to do some cooking. Rock cakes look easy and so they start to gather the ingredients together. But cooking can be very messy when Foxy is around!

Oops! There goes the flour. Oops! Be careful with the eggs, Foxy. Once the cakes are finally in the oven, Foxy and his little sister find out that washing-up with lots of bubbles can be just as much fun as cooking. In fact they have so much fun that they forget something very important – is that the smell of something burning?!

3. Foxy Feels Unwell

Foxy is having a grumpy day – he doesn’t want to do ANYTHING. But it soon becomes clear that there is a very good reason why Foxy isn’t feeling himself...

Foxy isn’t very well, he is covered in spots. But being ill can be good fun when your friends have spots too and you can play games together.

Foxy’s little sister is the only one who is completely well but she is beginning to feel a bit grumpy – I wonder who will be the next person to catch the spots...?

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